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Amnesty International - From Russia without Love

In June 2013 in Russia, President Putin signed a new law that prohibits any form of expression of homosexuality, labelled as 'homosexual propaganda'. This law stigmatises gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality.
Amnesty International is campaigning against such a discriminative and repressive law.
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Produced by Godmother Films and Club Interbellum
Written by Zoe D'Amaro and Marco Della Coletta (Godmother Films) in collaboration with Caspar Van Gemund (Club Interbellum)
Filmed and Directed by Marco Della Coletta and Zoe D'Amaro
Edited by Marco Della Coletta - Music by David Dexter LAB and Jesse Koolhaas - Special effects by Jonathan Massey and Giuliana Dieni - Additional footage by Marcos Kosma and Paul Boon